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Lime CRM Web Server

Lime Web Server is a Python server responsible of:

  • serving endpoints
  • serving static files
  • setting up https/tls correctly

In a vanilla Lime CRM Server installation, endpoints for the webclient and REST API are registered on the server. You can add your own custom endpoints to the web server via custom endpoints.


The Web Server can be configured as:

    secret_key: # Secret key here
    use_ssl: True
    https_port: 5442
    http_port: 5442
    max_content_length: 55
    database_driver: SQL Server Native Client 11.0
    lime_version: Unversioned
    ldc_hostname: localhost

    cert: default_certfile
    privkey: default_privkey

cheroot: # Cheroot is used as the web server for on-premise installations
    numthreads: 30
    max: 30
    timeout: 2

    level: warning
    json: False
    accesslog: True
    accesslogname: default_accesslog
    add_timed_log_rotation: False

    webclient_login: True
    hosting_webclient_login: False
    reset_password: False
    execution_context: False

mail: # This is settings to use "restore password feature"
    sender_name: The Lime CRM team
    sender_email: [email protected]
    api_url:  # Lime Marketing URL
    api_key:  # Lime Marketing API Key
    user_email: # Lime Markting user

debug: # Turn on to get profiling of performance
    profile: False