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Quick guide

This guide will help you create a new empty lime-crm solution from scratch. It will also generate a local development environment for that specific solution.

1. Create a new solution

Open a command line prompt and use lime-project to scaffold a new solution:

lime-project new solution

Change your working directory to the root of the solution you just created.

2. Obtain a lime database

Put a lime database backup file in the root folder of your scaffolded solution.

cp /path/to/backup.bak /path/to/solution/backup.bak

(Important: Ensure you only have a single .bak file in the folder)

3. Bootstrap the environment

Run the command lime-project env prepare. This command might take quite a while the first time you run it.

4. Done! ✨✨✨

Open VS code and start developing! You can start each service by selecting it and pressing play in the "Run and Debug" view.

You can also start the services directly from the terminal. Examples:

poetry run flask run
poetry run lime-search-indexer

Windows only: You can also run lime-project env start if you want to start each Lime service in a tab in the Windows terminal. This command also runs the prepare command described in step 3, which means that you can skip that step.