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Release notes

⚡ Features


Aggregates can add new data to the table and thus drive insights based on information that is otherwise stored in tabs; customers without customer visit, which products customers have bought, number of open tickets, etc. The easiest way to think about Aggregates is "Info Tiles in the table".

You can show and filter on Aggregates and also include them in the filter set you build.



  • You can create filter sets that include Aggregates. However, these filter sets are not supported to be used in Add-ons that use filter sets, such as Info Tiles or Call Out.
  • Bulk actions can only be done if records are "manually selected", if an Aggregate is included in the view or filter set. In other words, use the checkboxes, not "Select all" if you have an Aggregate in the table.
  • Aggregates that are created in Lime Admin can only be used in the web client. (Aggregates can be accessed via our API, but then the Aggregate needs to be defined in the query.)

Find the Filter Sets You Are Looking For

Browsing and navigating between filter sets can be tedious. Some solutions have 50+ filter sets. And that is only counting the Company table.

With the new filter set picker we make it a breeze to browse, search, find and use the filter sets that are relevant to you. No configuration, no user or group management, no admin work. Just use it and the experience will be more user-adapted.


Document Templates: Image Support and XLSX + PDF Support

Document templates have received two major features.


Now you can insert images of products, coworkers or something else in your template. It's not harder than writing {{coworker.picture}} , and you are done.


Support Excel And Pdf File Types

Use any file type (not only docx) as a template. Great for those Terms of conditions.pdf or Quote calculation.xlsx. Docx is still the only format that support merge codes.


Stacked Cards

An innovative solution with a design that explains itself so well. Adds that extra flavor and conveys that user-friendliness is one of our corner stones.


Adding Customer's Logos To The Web Client

Add a link to an image in Lime Admin and 💥, you are good to go! If you want it permanently in a customer's solution, please read the docs.


New Bulk Create Workflow

Bulk create is the feature you use when you want to create, for example, several history notes or to-dos for a set of records. It is also the feature you use when you attach Persons to a Marketing activity. You turn the feature on for the lime types where you want it and configure which lime types you want to create. Now it supports:

  • Hide Fields In Create New Dialog
  • Variants
  • Inline Create

This makes workflows such as "create marketing activity when adding participants" possible.



We have replaced the whole frontend framework from Angular.js with Stencil. This makes the web client go much faster.

Actions - Beta

We have created a solution for you where you only need to create the logic of an action and we take care of the rest. Actions are straight-forward things that the user is encouraged to do, here and now. "Assign me", "Close ticket" or "Send with E-sign" are typical actions. They have never looked better than now.

So now you can stop putting ugly web component buttons in the Overview tab and use Actions instead!

The Action Bar

The first thing you will notice is the Action bar. The Action bar is present in all tabs and scales great on different screen sizes.


The Bulk Action Bar

Bulk actions are way easier to find since they also get to use the action bar.


Actions Everywhere

Once you add an icon to a lime type, it will be accessible from all views which support actions. The List view, for example.


Read more in our docs about the key concepts of Actions and Command and design guidelines

Change Application Languages in Lime Admin

Users is encouraged to provide filter set names, table names, fields names etc. in all active languages. Now it's possible to change active langauges in Lime Admin and make it workflows easier for users.

You need to set the feature switch useLimeAdminForLanguageSettings to true.


🐞 Bugfixes

  • Table freezes after applying filter
  • Support inline-create when creating document from template
  • Sorting does not work after you have moved a column
  • Change object values that aren't part of the object form
  • Postpone component: postpone button is disabled when StartDate and DueDate hold the same value.
  • Inline create breaks form after saving
  • It is not possible to change filters in the history panel on any card.
  • Option fields do not work with option queries
  • You can save even though fields are set as required through Variants
  • Inline create breaks form