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Runtime configuration

This is configuration that can be applied during runtime (without restarting any services). Typically, this configuration should be more of a "preferences" / non-business-critical nature and can be edited by a user through the web client's Admin Pages. You can generate the code needed to create a runtime configuration with lime-project. Runtime configuration will show up in the administrator interface in the Web Client. Common use cases for it are visual effects or mapping integration to the Lime CRM database structure.

Runtime configurations are stored in the lime database in the table sys_data and can be saved/updated/deleted via the lime_data package in Python.

­čĺí Ask yourself the question: 'would the customer be OK with losing this data?'. If the answer is No then you should probably move it to the environment configuration instead.


Note that this type of configuration is stored in the database and thus would be restored from a backup. Having for example an URL to an external system might create problems, restoring a staging environment from a production database will make the staging environment connected to the same external system as the production system


Do not store business-critical or sensitive data such as API keys, urls or credentials here.