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Policies are used in Lime CRM to control the read and write access to lime types and their properties.


  • Only Adminstrators can create new coworkers.
  • Only members of the Finance group can edit the invoice total.
  • Members of Sales can read time reports, but only Consultants can create and modify them.

Policies provides the granularity below per user group:

Denomination Name Description
R Read Gives read access to a table or field. Without this access a user cannot see the field or table
W Write Makes it possible to modify existing data in a table/field
A Add Makes it possible to add new records in a table
D Delete Makes it possible to delete records in a table.

Policies are managed in LISA under the "Security -> Policies" node.

Additionaly, the Lime CRM Desktop client uses policies to control:

  • Filters
  • Views
  • Templates
  • Reports