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Patch 1

New versions (2023.1.1475)

  • Lime CRM 2.568.1 -> 2.568.5
  • LDC 12.9.1893 -> 12.9.1927
  • RabbitMQ 3.10.5 -> 3.10.24


These fixes has been made to the installer:

  • After upgrade it was not possible to login with LISA or the desktop client, all ACCESS to LDC failed due to a problem due to runtime not being installed.
  • If the installation of MSOLEDBSQL failed to installer logged a warning then the installer reported that installation was a success. It now stops immediately instead.
  • When upgrading from 2.154.0 the installation process failed because LIME CRM Task Scheduler could not be started. This was because the uninstaller in the old release didn't remove this service. The installer now overwrites any existing services with the same name instead of trying to reuse them.
  • During the installation process Lime CRM Webfront (nginx) did not start. The necessary Visual C++ Redistributable 2010 (x86) is now included.
  • The installation of Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x86) didn't always run. Now it always runs and gracefully handles if a newer version is already installed.
  • No logs when python services crashes during start. If the application crashes before logging is configured the error is now written to a separate error file. This has been seen to happen when there are invalid python imports.


  • Database upgrade failed for older SQL Servers. The scripts and 600c5124e34e_lfn_getonsqlupdate_upgrade.sql can now run on SQL Server 2014.

Web client

  • Lime objects couldn't be created from the + button on tabs.
  • Importing view configs from older CRM versions could crash the client.
  • Non-admin users got an error in the console during bulk export.


  • Coworkers where not inactivated when users where inactivated. SCIM now inactivates and activates coworkers too. This will not retroactively change any existing coworkers connected to inactive users.
  • Azure SCIM provisioning failed with the error DuplicateTargetEntries. By default the SCIM implementation in Lime CRM exposes users and groups using only their record ids. This does not work in situations where a user and group has the same id. This version introduces an optional configuration flag to use unique ids instead, but doing so requires the SCIM process to be restarted, read the platform docs for more information.

Lime Core

  • The subsystem in lime-core that interprets the lime types built in LISA could fail with the message The incoming request has too many parameters. The server supports a maximum of 2100 parameters. Reduce the number of parameters and resend the request.. This has been reported for an internal application with a very large amount of lime types and properties. A simple batching of the queries is now in place.
  • Users could not be logged in to both the web- and desktop clients at the same time. This used to work in Hoverla and was a regressions in Rysy. With this fix the client application is once again written into the session-table.


Improved caching Large objects retrieved from Redis will now be cached locally as files to reduce internal network traffic. Previously this caching was only used when Redis was not available with the general assumption that Redis, especially when hosted on the same machine, will be faster than accessing the local filesystem, which may be on remote SAN. General caching rules have also been simplified to only use size to determine if memory or file should be used.

No more session-lists LDC will no longer use session lists to validate session identifiers or timestamps. The validation is now done per individual session instead. This will reduce overhead for loading, searching and caching huge XML documents. This change will (for good and bad) effectively disable any implicit housekeeping performed by lsp_getxmlsessionlist.

Bugfixes for batched updates from LISA Saving changes from LISA occasionally result in error messages, even that the update was successful. The root cause was that some changes triggered invalidation of the helper object, and this invalidation apparently included the session identifier. However, this only result in error if auditing was enabled for the operation, which depend on settings but also threshold values and database response time.

Modern API for Windows-based login Switched from Window 2000 era APIs to modern Windows APIs. This should result in better error messages for AD-based accounts.


  • RabbitMQ sometimes crashes with could_not_determine_disk_free. This is supposedly fixed in a later release of rabbitmq so we include that in the installer. For upgrades run the rabbitmq installer manually, it is available at C:\Program Files (x86)\Lundalogik\LIME Pro Server\webserver\externals\