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Release notes

⚡ Features


We have created a solution for you where you only need to create the logic of an action and we take care of the rest. Actions are straight-forward things that the user is encouraged to do, here and now. "Assign me", "Close ticket" or "Send with E-sign" are typical actions. They have never looked better than now.

So now you can stop putting ugly web component buttons in the Overview tab and use Actions instead!

The Action Bar

The first thing you will notice is the Action bar. The Action bar is present in all tabs and scales great on different screen sizes.


Control the visibility

You can control the visibility of Actions so they only show when they are relevant. There are three levels of complexity:

  1. Control the visibility using the value of a specific field:


  2. Using and advance lime filter:


  3. Write your own evaluation function:


Read more about how to control the visibility of Promoted actions in our docs

The Bulk Action Bar

Bulk actions are way easier to find since they also get to use the action bar.


Actions Everywhere

Once you add an icon to a lime type, it will be accessible from all views which support actions. The List view, for example.


Read more in our docs about the key concepts of Actions and Command and design guidelines

🐞 Bugfixes

  • Hide "IS NOT"-filter from column filter when relations are more than "one relation away"
  • Avoid reading and writing file contents when updating file status
  • Groups/authentication performance
  • Make sure created application is closed immediately to reclaim resources
  • Use lsp_set_session_timestamp when touching sessions
  • Inactivate user sessions on account inactivation
  • Inactivate user sessions on password change
  • Inactivate session on azure soft delete