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Lisa has been revamped for enhanced performance and stability. It now operates without the need for a dedicated Lisa Server (the Lime CRM Server Administration service), making it faster and more streamlined.


  • Lime CRM Server Etna - Version 2024.1 or later.
  • Chromium-based web browser.

How to Use Lisa

  1. Login to Lime CRM Web Client:
    • Log in using an admin account.
  2. Access Lisa:
    • Navigate to Lime CRM Admin -> Settings -> Lisa.


  1. Add limepkg-lisa as a dependency to your solution.
  2. Build and deploy your solution.


Upgrading from v1.6.0 or earlier

  1. Remove limepkg-lisa section in Lime CRM Webserver configuration (plugins.limepkg_lisa).
  2. Save and restart Lime CRM Webserver.


Turbo Mode

No configuration needed. Turbo Mode is enabled by default. As the Lime CRM Server Administration service is no longer needed, it can be disabled.

Legacy Mode

To use Active Directory functionality in Lisa, Legacy Mode must be configured, with Lime CRM Server Administration service enabled.

  1. Registry Editor:

    • Edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Lundalogik\Hosting:

      Name Type Data
      DisableHostingValidation REG_DWORD 1
      GroupAuthorizationEnabled REG_DWORD 0
      IsHosting REG_DWORD 0
      IsHostingServer REG_DWORD 1
      UseLookupForMaggie REG_DWORD 0
  2. Lime CRM Server Administration Configuration:

    • Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\Lundalogik\LIME Pro Server\Lundalogik.Lisa.WindowsServiceHost.exe.config.
    • Set the Port to 5474.

              <add key="Port" value="5474"/>
  3. Restart Lime CRM Server Administration.


Configuring IsHostingServer to 1 might affect the outdated Lime CRM Web Service. It's recommended not to run Lisa in Legacy Mode if this configuration breaks any functionality used with Lime CRM Web Service.