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Lime CRM Web server

Lime web server is a Python server responsible of:

  • serving endpoints,
  • serving static files and
  • setting up https/tls correctly.

In a vanilla Lime CRM Server installation, endpoints for the webclient and the REST-api is registered on the server. You can add your own custom endpoints to the webserver via a Custom Endpoint


The web server can be configured as:

# config.yaml
    secret_key: # Secret key here 
    use_ssl: True
    https_port: 5442
    http_port: 5442
    max_content_length: 55
    database_driver: SQL Server Native Client 11.0
    lime_version: Unversioned
    ldc_hostname: localhost

    cert: default_certfile
    privkey: default_privkey

cheroot: # Cheroot is used as webserver onpremise
    numthreads: 30
    max: 30
    timeout: 2

    level: warning
    json: False
    accesslog: True
    accesslogname: default_accesslog
    add_timed_log_rotation: False

    webclient_login: True
    hosting_webclient_login: False
    reset_password: False
    execution_context: False

mail: # This is settings to use "restore password feature"
    sender_name: The Lime CRM team
    sender_email: [email protected]
    api_url:  # Lime Marketing URL
    api_key:  # Lime Marketing API Key
    user_email: # Lime Markting user

debug: # Turn on to get profiling of performance
    profile: False