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We have our own PyPI repository (server for hosting python packages) at It's convinient to configure your computer to use the Lime PyPI by default.


User and Password for the Lime PyPI can be obtained from Lime Technologies for any customer or partner


Info about how to configure poetry to use a private repository can be found here

In short, this is what you want to run:

poetry config repositories.lime
poetry config http-basic.lime [PYPI USERNAME HERE] [PYPI PASSWORD HERE] 


this is only needed the first time you install and set up Poetry

You can explicitly tell poetry to search for packages on our own server by adding the following to the pyproject.toml file of your project:

name = "lime"
url = ""


This entry is auto-generated when creating or migrating a solution using lime-project.


This file is read by tools such as pip and pipx, which means that you don't need to pass the credentials everytime you install a package from our Lime PyPI.

The .netrc file should be put in your home folder and looks like this:

    login <username>
    password <password>