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Customizations explained

The Lime CRM Platform is a high-level Python framework for building customizations in Lime CRM. Solution and package are both technical terms for describing a customization. They're both distributed as standard Python packages.


Each Lime CRM project is described as a solution. A solution can depend on one or several packages. A solution consists of two components - a lime database and a python project containing business logic for the project. Every solution in lime-crm is prefixed with solution-. This makes it easy to distinguish solutions from other code projects.


A package is the same as a python package - a reusable piece of functionality that can be added as a dependency to a solution. A package can have requirements on other packages. Every lime-crm package is prefixed with limepkg-. This makes it easy to distinguish python packages containing customizations from other packages.

Example names: limepkg-my-package, limepkg-followup, limepkg-erp-to-crm


limepkg is a standard python package


See info here.

Lime Bootstrap

See info here.


An add-on in Lime CRM is distributed as a limepkg and/or a LIP package. For more info about a specific add-on, follow this link.