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Python 3.11

Lime CRM now requires Python 3.11 on-premise. The new python version must be installed before running the installer. Any pre-existing Python 3.7 should be left where it is.

The installer uses the py launcher to make sure its starting Python 3.11, even if 3.7 is before it in the PATH.

The venv created for Lime CRM is now called lime_crm_venv and is created by Python's built in venv module, previously it was created by virtualenv and called Python3.

Solutions must be built for python 3.11 before they can be installed.

Elastic Search 7

This release comes with Elastic Search 7 only. Previously Elastic Search 5 was used.

The new version enables many optimizations and is used slightly different. More detailed info can be found here.

Important information:

  • Prior to creating a new search index, it is necessary to manually delete the previous data directory (%LIME_HOME_PATH%\Elasticsearch\data) associated with ElasticSearch 5. Otherwise, old indexes built for ElasticSearch 5 will remain on the server and take up disk space and interfere with the new installation.
  • Please verify that there is no globally defined JAVA_HOME system environment variable in your system configuration. If such a variable exists, kindly remove it to ensure proper functionality (the installer will fail if this variable is set). For instructions on modifying system environment variables on a Windows computer, please refer to the following external resource: Modifying Environment Variables on Windows

Service Names

Some of the services installed by Lime CRM has changed names in this version. Further the import- and task handler services has been split into two services each.

Lime services (2023.1):

  • Lime CRM Event Handler (lime-event-handler)
  • Lime CRM Import Service 1 (lime-crm-importer-1)
  • Lime CRM Scheduler (limecrm-scheduler)
  • Lime CRM Search Indexer (lime-crm-search-indexer)
  • Lime CRM Server Administration (llab-lisa)
  • Lime CRM Task Scheduler Service (lime-task-scheduler)
  • Lime CRM Task Service 1 (lime-task-handler-1)
  • Lime CRM Webfront (lime-crm-webfront)
  • Lime CRM Webserver (lime-crm-webserver)

Lime Component Services (2023.1):

  • COM+ Applications → Lundalogik Data Components

Service Wrapper

We have updated all our Python services to be run as a service with WinSW. This is a change compared to previous versions where some services were installed via a python win32 library from lime-core and some using NSSM.

WinSW is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Lundalogik\LIME Pro Server\Lime Services. There is one exe and xml for each service. These files are not meant to be edited and will be overwritten by the installer.

Service Logging

The logging for all Python services is now written to file directly from lime-core, previously it used stdout and was written to file by nssm. This has the benefit that they can all be configured in the same way.

Read more about the logging configuration.

Lime Pro Command Prompt

The convenient command prompt on the desktop now has access to both limefu and lime-project at the same time without having to activate any extra venvs.

SQL Drivers

New SQL Driver for LDC - Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server

In this version of Lime CRM, we have updated the SQL driver. Previously, the SQL Server Native Client was used. But from now on, LDC uses the Microsoft OLE DB Driver when connecting to the SQL server.

Why are we upgrading the driver?

The SQL Server Native Client has been removed from SQL Server 2022 (16.x) and SQL Server Management Studio 19 (SSMS) and is no longer recommended to use by Microsoft.


The task handler, task scheduler and importer are Celery applications. Celery has not received the necessary patches from its maintainers to enable all its features when running Python 3.11 on Windows yet so in this release we opt to run in threads connection mode.

Web Server

New WSGI server

Lime CRM Webserver is a python based WSGI Server. We have changed the WSGI server that Lime CRM is run with from Cheroot to Waitress.


  • Nginx has been updated to version
  • The endpoint /nginx_status/ is no longer externally accessible.
  • TLS (https traffic) is terminated in the nginx proxy. In previous versions of Lime CRM, TLS was terminated in the Web Server.


Newer versions of RabbitMQ requires the program Handle.exe to work properly. This software is automatically installed when you install this version of Lime CRM Server.

What is Handle?

Handle is a utility that displays information about open handles for any process in the system. You can use it to see the programs that have a file open, or to see the object types and names of all the handles of a program. Read more here

Long Paths

The installer now enables LongPathsEnabled in the registry.

Included services and frameworks

Below is a list as originally shipped with 2023.1:

  • LDC - 12.9.1893
  • LISA - 12.8.35
  • Elastic Search - 7.17.9
  • OpenJDK 19.0.2
  • Ngnix for Windows - SnapDragonfly
  • NSSM - 2.21-134
  • WinSW 2.12.0
  • Microsoft ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server (MSODBCSQL18) -
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Redistributable (VC Redist) - 14.34.31938.0
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x64 Redistributable (VC Redist) - 14.0.23026.1
  • Microsoft OLE DB Driver 19 for SQL Server
  • Erlang OTP - 25.0.2
  • RabbitMQ Server - 3.10.5