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Install/Upgrade solution

Upgrade solution

  1. To upgrade you need to specify the correct version of lime-crm in your pyproject.toml file, e.g.:

    lime-crm = "==2.568.0"

    In the list of released on-premise versions, the version of the lime-crm can be found in parentheses of the version number.

  2. For 2023.1 Hvannadalsnjúkur you must also update the python version

    This is done by lime-project doctor generate upgrade-python-version and selecting ^3.7.

  3. Follow the instructions from lime-project doctor health.

  4. Push to github with a feat: commit.

Install solution


For Lime CRM version 2022.3 Rysy or earlier see

Note that your solution is built for a specific version of Lime CRM. That means that every time you upgrade a server, you need to build the solution again. Otherwise, you might re-install the previous version of Lime CRM when installing the solution.

Follow these steps to install a solution with lime-project:

  1. Download the wheelhouse of a solution from a github release (<solution-name>/releases) or a local dist folder (if built using lime-buildtools).

  2. Open a Lime Pro Command Prompt as admin.

  3. Stop all Lime CRM services by running this command:

    powershell "Get-service -name lime* | Stop-Service"
  4. Install the solution:

    $ lime-project on-premise install <solution-{solution-name}-{suffix}.tar.gz>
  5. Finally you have to start all Lime CRM services again with this command:

    powershell "Get-service -name lime* | Start-Service"