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Lime Taskhandler

Lime Taskhandler is a wrapper around celery.

Run lime-task as a service

The service accepts the same options as starting a celery worker.

  • Loglevel: The default celery loglevel is warning, so it can be very helpful for local development to explicitly lower it to info
   lime-task-handler --loglevel info
  • Namespace: If you have configured a namespace in your config.yaml file like shown below you need to tell that taskhandler to consume from that queue when you start the service. Otherwise the service will only consume from lime_task_queue_default.
  namespace: <NAMESPACE>
   lime-task-handler --queues lime_task_queue_<NAMESPACE>
  • Scheduled tasks: you need to start the taskhandler "on beat" in order to run tasks on a schedule
   lime-task-handler --beat

All this options can obviously be combined in one command:

   lime-task-handler --loglevel info --queues lime_task_queue_<NAMESPACE> --beat

Alternatively make sure that the lime docker container taskhandler is running.

Depending systems

The Taskhandler uses RabbitMQ as a message broker and saves the results in Elasticsearch, so make sure those services are running (docker services name: rabbitmq and elastic)