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Limefu is a command line tool (cli) for administrating a Lime CRM application. It is bundled when installing the lime-crm package

$ limefu --version
$ limefu --help


General syntax is : limefu [group] [command] [arg] value/s [options]

Common args is -a , --application which can be set as an environmental variable.

export LIME_APPLICATION=< app name >


Generate API Key

limefu users generate-api-key -a [appname] -u [username] --force:optional

Generates an apikey for a lime application for user with username. --force is generates the key without asking for confirmation.

Delete API Key

limefu users delete-api-key -a [appname] -u [username]

Deleted apikey for lime application for user with username.

Create User

limefu user new -a [appname] -u [username] -fn [fullname] -g [group:optional] -p [pasword:optional] --default-group [value:optional] --admin:optional

Creates a new user for a lime application with username and fullname ( using single quotes example, 'Bruce Wayne'). If not a passoword is provided it will auto-generate one. group is optional and can be from one to any. --admin is a shorcut flag to create user in administrators group. --default-group is a shortcut to provide a default group for new created users.

List Users

limefu users list -a [appname]

List all users of lime application

User information

limefu users info username < username > -a [appname]

View user information in a lime application.

Enable login

limefu users enable-login username < username > -a [appname]

Enable login of a user with username in a lime-application

Disable login

limefu users disable-login username < username > -a [appname]

Disable login of a user with username in a lime-application


List all limetypes

limefu limetypes list -a [appname] --p [properties:optional]

List listypes of an lime applications. If not --p is defined defaults to name. Properties output can be customized using the as keyword, for example name as MyName will fetch namebut display column name myname (always lowercase. Multiple properties are also supported for example, name as myname, sort_order as order...

Limetype information

limefu limetypes info -a [appname]

Return a basic information of limetypes in a lime applications, Name, required, label, type, sql, options.


List groups

limefu groups list -a [appname]

List available groups in lime application

Create group

limefu groups new -a [appname] -n [name] -d [description] --member-of [value/s:optional]

Create a new group for a lime application with a name and a description. --member-of is a optional multiple value to add the new created group as member-of the selected groups.

Add sub-group

limefu groups add-subgroup -a [appname] -g [name] -sg [subgroup]

Add an existing groups for a lime application to an existing subgroups. Both -g and -sg support multiple values syntax.

Add member

limefu groups add-member -a [app-name] -g [group] -u [username/s]

Add existing username/s of a lime application to an existing group.

The search indexer can be handled with limefu. Below are descriptions of the different commands that can be run.

Remember that you can always ask a command how it works by affixing it with --help.


limefu search index -a [app-name]

Creates or regenerates a search index for an application

List indexes

limefu search list-indexes -a [app-name]

List all search indexes for an application

Delete an index

limefu search delete-index --index [index-name]

Update an index

limefu search update-index -a [app-name] -t [:optional<List>:limetypes] -x [optional:index]

Update an existing search index. If a search index needs to be updated, it's possible to update the index for specific limetypes by using this command. The example below updates all objects of type company and coworker: $ limefu search update-index -a 'my application' -t company,coworker

Activate index

limefu search activate-index --index [:optional:index-name]

This command sets a specific index to be active for the application. This means that subsequent searches for the application will be served by the index.

Create an empty index

limefu search create-index -a [app-name]

Create an empty search index. Creates an empty search index with mappings for the limetypes in the application. This index will not be active by default.

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